Win a Copy of Virtual Freedom

I am so excited by the fast pace that things are going at!!  I am creating slide shows and completing the book!  I am feeling so terrific that I want to give it away.   Every solo-entrepreneur that is overwhelmed by social networking, blogging and web sites that talks to me walks away wanting a copy!

Contest Ends 2/28/2012

Well why not!  Send me your story — why you want to be virtually free!  And I will enter your name into the drawing for a free book.  It will be out by the end of FEB.

You will also be put on the list to receive more freebies and a 30% discount.  

I will choose one winner a week.   So email me soon!!!  I will let you know by email if you are selected.

Send subject line: I am Ready to be FREE!


                                                                                                               The contest goes all of Feb 2012 so send in your stories!!  

**by entering you are agreeing to allow your story to be used — your business contact information may be shared. All good for SEO and inbound links!!



Have a Top LinkedIn Profile

Having a profile on LinkedIn or any social network is created for one main purpose — to have people view it!  Getting people to click on it comes from a variety of sources. We use several with out clients and of course ourselves!

Tips are — look at all the options you can update and do so often. Keeping it fresh will have people coming back to see what you have added and on several networks such as LinkedIn there is 

Be active in forums or groups.  Even outside activities bring people to your LinkedIn profile. They meet you and want to know more about you.

Visit the Answers section and find questions to comment on. People often click on a profile of those in the comment stream.

Keywords — the listing in the skills section and other areas to include key words will bring your profile up in a search. Profile pages come up in google and other search engines.

Be sure to link your profile often to other web activities, articles or comments.

Finally, check out others. Wouldn’t you want to know who is looking at you>


2012 Let’s Race

I just read @Jessicaaspen  and her blog post of 2012 goals! She has made a fantastic start to the new year by stating where she plans to go. Read her post to see how to create outstanding goals for your self!

As a Life Coach I am often called to hold people accountable and as a social media strategist I find that there are literally thousands of things that distract.  So let’s try something new!  Every monday morning lets start off with a check in.

1. Pick on goal for the week

2. Check in on monday either tweet your check in #VFcheckin  and or call in

3. Get as much done as you can and Check in the following monday to let eveyone know how you are doing!!

4. Keep your eye on the #VFcheckin stream — we will be commenting, sharing and giving prizes 🙂

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